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Supracon AG is a high technology-based SME focusing on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs), systems based on SQUIDs and its manufacturing technologies founded in 2001. Supracon’s strength is to develop tools and complex systems based on superconducting materials for different fields of application. Supracon owns a complete clean room facility with established tools for developing and manufacturing of superconducting structures like SQUIDs. Established technologies enable Supracon to develop and manufacture additional potential products, e.g. superconducting flex cables.

Main tasks in the project

Within OSQ+, Supracon will use its technology to develop a solution for massive parallel flex wires and their manufacturing based on Supracon’s microtechnology fab in its clean room. It is planned to establish a flex wire solution to address and control 1,000 qubits.


Staff members involved

Dr Ing. Jens Kobow, project management
Matthias Meyer, management board