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The Quantum Control Institute (PGI-8) is part of Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ). Conducting research for a changing society is the mission of more than 7,000 employees working hand in hand at FZJ, including 600 visiting scientists from 65 countries. Jülich scientists combine natural, life and engineering sciences in the fields of information, energy, and the bioeconomy with specialist expertise in high-performance computing and the use of unique scientific infrastructures that are unrivalled in Europe.

Main tasks in the project

Among the five FZJ institutes participating in OpenSuperQPlus, PGI-8 will work on the task 5.1 on low-level connectivity of control hardware and on task 7.1 on variational algorithms for fluid dynamics.

Our vision for OpenSuperQPlus

The OSQ+100 project consortium empowers us to address European-level standardisation and benchmarking needs that will in turn enable a smooth transition in the next generation of devices for the inter-operability of high-performance quantum superconducting computing modules.

Felix Motzoi


Staff members involved

Dr Felix Motzoi
Dr Felix Motzoi